Elect Juliette Beck
Yolo County Supervisor

Creating the change we need to heal, grow and thrive!

Voting is June 7, 2022

Elect Juliette Beck

Yolo County Supervisor

Creating the change we need to heal, grow and thrive!

Voting is June 7, 2022

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If you have any questions about how or where to vote, feel free to call Juliette at 530-902-8407.

Thank you for using the power of your vote to make a positive difference in this election and in our community!


This Week’s Events

We are mobilizing in the community everyday until Election Day, June 7!


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About Juliette Beck

As a mother, raising a fifth-generation Central Valley family with my husband Nick, I can not simply hope that things will get better. I am running for supervisor to create opportunities for all Yolo County residents – especially children – to thrive. I believe women – who have not been represented on the Board of Supervisors since 2010 – should have a direct voice in the decisions that impact our daily lives.

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“We were convinced of our choice based on Ms. Beck’s extensive and demonstrable commitment to environmental and social justice and her unwavering support for a just transition when addressing the impacts of climate change on the least fortunate of our citizens. Ms. Beck’s platform embraces a progressive, humane, and evidence-based approach which gives voice to historically marginalized citizens which aligns with the core beliefs of the Sierra Club.”

Excerpt from Press Release:

Sierra Club Yolano Group is pleased to announce the Sierra Club’s official endorsement of Juliette Beck for Yolo County Supervisor District 2

Dolores Huerta Latino Democratic Club

“Juliette Beck is a natural leader. She is out there, informing people of what’s really going on. She’s on the ground, working with all sides, taking the time to understand the whole picture. She always asks the hard questions. When things get tough, Juliette will not shy away from the difficult problems. She will follow through.”

Diana Almendariz (she/her)

Native Maidu, Wintun, Hupa/Yurok naturalist and educator

“I endorse Juliette Beck for Yolo County Supervisor. Juliette is driven to address local climate resilience and racial and economic justice. She engages local and global thought leaders who take actions for the common good. Her experience and vision in economic development and local policy is what we need now.”

Francesca Wright, MPA (she/her)

City of Davis 2021 Thong Hy Huynh Memorial Awardee in Civil Rights Advocacy, Co-founder and Coordinating Team of Yolo People Power, Retired Program Evaluator

“I am proud to endorse Juliette Beck for Supervisor, she will not take a backseat to climate issues facing our region and has a genuine approach to working with the community”

Adelita Serena, Yolo Climate Action Commissioner (she/her)

“Juliette Beck is a voice of hope in a time of fear. She is dedicated to climate justice and pledges to make the imperative changes now, and to give youth a place in decision making. I’m confident Juliette will be true to her word. She is heartfelt, loving and inclusive. Juliette Beck will invite in every perspective to ensure that decisions which affect us all are made by everyone. She is firm in the belief that this is not a campaign of one, but of all.”

Emma Larson (on left), Youth Climate Campaigner (she/her)

Also pictured: Eliot Larson (on right), Recipient of 2022 City of Davis Environmental Recognition Award

Read Emma’s Letter to the Editor

“If we want to achieve climate, social or economic justice, we have to stand up to large developers and corporate lobbyists that have a chokehold on our democracy. Nothing will change if we keep electing people invested in and funded by large developer and corporate interests. Juliette’s campaign is backed by everyday, working people who have contributed what they can because they know she will stand up for them. She will represent the people of Yolo County. That’s why I support Juliette Beck for Yolo County Supervisor in District 2.”

Larry Guenther, City of Davis Tree Commissioner

“As a lifetime steward of the environment and racial justice, Juliett Beck is prepared to analyze and propose policies for the well-being of women, children, and all. She is committed to the protection and emergencies surrounding land, agriculture, water, economies, law, health, and social services in our County. Her commitment grows out of her local, county, and state experience in mobilizing communities for basic survival demands and resilience. It’s time for a fearless woman candidate, like Beck, on the Board of Supervisors ready to brilliantly contribute. represent, and collaborate if given the opportunity.”

Melissa Moreno, Yolo County Board of Education

If you know me, you know that I rarely make political endorsements but I wholeheartedly support Juliette Beck for Yolo County Supervisor. The time is now to take action and bring forward inspiration for ‘Yolo Buen Vivir’, or to me, a life worth living in Yolo County that will safeguard the health and well-being for future generations.

She is the only candidate prepared to help Yolo County move along the path towards healthy thriving economies in a changing climate.

Juliette has the experience, the collaborative energy, and the right heart and mind for the job.  She has my vote.

David Abramson, former candidate for Yolo County Supervisor

  • Carlos Alcala Chair, Chicano Latino Caucus, California Democratic Party
  • Michael Corbett Former City of Davis Mayor
  • Mark Aulman Yolo County Climate Action Commissioner, Valley Clean Energy Community Advisory Committee
  • Alessa Johns UC Davis Emeritus Professor
  • Nancy Price Former City of Davis Planning Commissioner
  • Julia Seebach Climate Parent
  • Norma Alcala West Sacramento City Councilwoman
  • Nora Oldwin Civil rights advocate
  • Dzokerayi Mu Community Organizer and Small Business Owner
  • Elizabeth Miller UC Davis Professor of English
  • Carl Jorgensen UC Davis Professor Emeritus of Sociology
  • Elizabeth Miller UC Davis Professor of English
  • Don Price UC Davis Professor Emeritus of History
  • Marlen Garcia UC Davis Sunrise Movement Climate Leader
  • Liza Grandia Founder, Woodland Coalition for Green Schools
  • Natalie Garcia Esperanza Scholar Recipient and UC Davis Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major
  • Alex Nuepauer UC Davis LGBTQ Center Volunteer
  • Bill Wood Former City of Davis Finance and Budget Commissioner
  • Lynne Nittler Climate Leader
  • John Liu UC Irvine Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Asian American Studies
  • Ann Liu Environmental Justice Advocate and Retired Teacher
  • Maribel Jimenez Davis Parent
  • Lorenzo Kristov Energy Policy Strategist
  • Elizabeth Gutierrez
  • Safirah Bibi President and founder of MASS
  • David Aguilar
  • Lina Wood Cesar Chavez Parent
  • Kelcey Meadows-Lucas Children‘s Special Needs Advocate
  • Lia Freed-Doer
  • Leilani Buddenhagen
  • Sandy Granett Climate Grandparent
  • Raquel Redfield
  • Suzanne Nitzkin
  • Josh Jones Former Gubernatorial Candidate, Green Party of California
  • Grace Basset
  • Mark Brown
  • Alan Pryor Principal officer, No on Measure H
  • Amber Huston L.C.S.W. - Davis Joint Unified School District Mental Health Therapist
  • Anuj Vaidya UC Davis Graduate Student/community artivist
  • Sumaya Buxton Climate Strike Davis Co-Founder
  • Mike Dolan Labor Advocate
  • Scott Steward Climate Leader and Social Entrepreneur
  • Candice Wang Davis Forest School Program Founder
  • Roberta Millstein Former Chair, Open Space and Habitat Commission; Professor Emeritus UCD
  • Todd Edelman Former Member, Bicycling, Transportation and Street Safety Commission
  • Emily Albu UC Davis Professor Emeritus in Classic Literature
  • Meg Whitman Climate parent, internal medicine physician
  • Dan Parfitt
  • Beth Foraker
  • Mark Simon Storywalkers Consulting
  • Margolo Parson Nurse practitioner, parent
  • Karen Russell Retired Davis teacher
  • George Ram We The People Artist
  • James Andrew
  • * Titles for identification purposes only


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